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Design Services

Help with creating and implementing a design that matches your brand identity and inspires your community.


We'll help you keep your community rolling and engaged.

Community Management

Platform Configuration

We can help you navigate through hundreds of platform sessions to get the best results.

Team Onboarding

Personal or team training sessions including everything needed to make you independent community managers

Data Analysis & Reporting

We can help you collect and interpret data and help you present your findings to management.

Engagement Strategy

We'll help you utilize the best gamification strategies we've see in over 10 years of community building.

Chances are you love DIY (just like us) but are currently low on human resources. No problem, let our team lend you a hand, for a short time, or continuously.


  • Forum

    Bulletin board style discussions with the ability to create topics, quote replies, and add attachments.

  • Challenge

    Create contests and competitions to ideate and co-create with your community. Leverage the power of community!

  • Journal

    One-on-one discussions to gather insights that community members might not want to share in more public spaces.

  • Questionnaire

    Multiple choice, open ended, matrices, grids, sliders, and dates with randomization, logic, and piping.

  • Blog

    Share information and news with your online community. Categorize posts and enable members to post comments.

  • Stepboard

    Add structure to your discussions and control community interaction in this step-based discussion board.

  • Chat

    Facilitate online focus group discussions with real-time chats. Great for deep dives, event kickoffs, and Q&A.

  • News

    Keep your members informed and up to date. A great way to keep everyone invested and on the same page.


  • Gamification

    Set triggers to encourage the specific kinds of participation that will help your research the most.

  • API Access

    Our API allows access to CMNTY Platform data from your own systems or to integrate with third party software.

  • SAML-based Single Sign On (SSO)

    Allow members to log on to multiple sites or services with a single username password combination.

  • More members

    As your community grows you can expand the member limit.

  • Server options

    Get a private server, choose a server region, database access and more. Call to discuss the options.

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